Thursday, April 28, 2016


Below are words associated with check.

  1. Check Number:  the number of the check listed in the top right-hand corner of each check.
  2. Drawer's Identity: the name and address of the owner of the account.
  3. Payee: the person, business or organization to whom the check is made out.
  4. Dollar Amount: the  numerical amout of money for wich the check is written.
  5. Written Dollar Amount: the amount of money for which the check is written, spelled out in words.
  6. Drawer's Signature: the signature of the owner of the account.
  7. Memo: space to indicate the purpose for writing the check.

When writing a check it is vital that you record all the necessary information. It is important to record everyday check you write in your checkbook register. Using the information from the worksheet balance the checkbook by deducting each expenditure from the balance given. Determine how  much money will remain in the account after all expenses have been deducted.

Friday, April 22, 2016

10 Tips to Speak Correct English

1☺ Observe the mouth movements of those who speak English well and try to imitate them. 
When you are watching television, observe the mouth movements of the speakers. Repeat what they are saying, while imitating the intonation and rhythm of their speech.

2☺ Until you learn the correct intonation and rhythm of English, slow you speech down. 
If you speak too quickly, and with the wrong intonation and rhythm, native speakers  will have a hard time understanding you. Don't worry about listener getting impatient with your slow speech -- it is more important that everything you say be understood.

3☺ Listen to the music of English.
Do not use the music of your native language when you speak English. Each languaje has its own way of singing.

4Use the dictionary.
Try and familiarise yourself with the phonetic symbols of you dictionary. Look up the correct pronunciation of words that are hard you to say.

5☺ Make a list of frequently used words that you find difficult to pronunce and ask someone who speaks the language well to pronounce them for you.
Record these words, listen to them and practice saying them. Listen and read at the same time.

6☺ Buy books on tape.
Record youself reading some sections of the book. Compare the sound of your English with that of the person reading the book on the tape.

7☺ Pronounce the ending of each word.
Pay special attention to S and ED endings. This will help you strengthen the mouth muscles that you use when you speak English.

8☺ Read aloud in English for 15-20 minutes every day.
Research has shown it takes about three months of daily practice to develop strong mouth muscles for speaking a new language.

9☺ Record your own voice and listen for pronunciations mistakes.
Many people hate to hear the sound of their voice and avoid listening to themselves speak. However, this is a very important exercise because doing it will help you become conscious of the mistakes you are making.

10☺ Be patient.
You can change the way you speak but it won't happen overnight. People often expect instant results and give up too soon. You can change the way you sound if you are willing to put some effort into it.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Noncount Nouns

A non-count noun is NOT preceded by a/an, one, two, three, etc. 
INCORRECT: I bought a furniture.
A non-count noun does NOT have a plural form.
INCORRECT: I bought some furnitures.

Noncount nouns usually refer to a whole group of things that is made up of many individual parts, a whole category made up of different varieties. For example, some common noncount nouns are furniture, mail, money, fruit and jewelry.

A language is not always logical. For instance:

  • I had some corn for dinner (noncount)
  • I had some peas for dinner. (count)
Both corn and peas express a larger whole made up of smaller parts, but corn is a noncount noun and pea is a count noun. 
  • Vegetables are good for you (count)
  • Fruit is good for you (noncount)
Both vegetables and fruit describe whole categories of food, but one is count and the other noncount.

Logically, you can count furniture. But in grammar, you cannot count furniture. For example: I see a table and a bed.

CORRECT:  I see some furniture.
INCORRECT:  I see two furniture.

Individual parts (count) chairs, bed, couch, etc.
The whole (noncount) furniture

Individual parts (count) postcard, stamps, envelope, etc
The whole (noncount) mail

Individual parts (count) bananas, orange, grapes, etc
The whole (noncount) fruit

Individual parts (count) pennies, dollars, dimes, etc
The whole (noncount) money

Individual parts (count) bracelet, rings, earrings, etc.
The whole (noncount) jewelry

Common noncout nouns:
Clothing, equipment, food, fruit, furniture, garbage, hardware, jewelry, machinery, mail, makeup, money, cash, change, postage, scenery, stuff, traffic. homework, housework, work, advice, information, news, history, literature, music, poetry, grammar, slang, vocabulary, corn, dirt, flour, grass, hair, pepper, salt, rice, sand, sugar, wheat.

More noncount nouns:
Liquids: beer, blood, coffee, cream, gasoline, honey, juice, milk, oil, shampoo, soup, tea, water, wine.
Solid and semi-solid: bread, butter, cheese, ice, icecream, lettuce, toast, meat, beef, chicken, fish, ham, lamb, pork, chalk, copper, cotton, glass, gold, iron, paper, rubber, silver, soap, tin, toothpaste, wood, wool.
Gases: air, fog, oxygen, pollution, smog, smoke, steam.
Natural phenomena (things that occur in nature) weather, rain, snow, lightning, thunder, humidity, darkness, light, sunshine.
Abstractions (An abstraction is something that has no physical form. A person cannot touch it)
 anger, beauty, confidence, courage, cowardice, education, enjoyment, entertainment, experience, fun, generosity, greed, happiness, hate, health, help, honesty, hospitality, ignorance, intelligence, justice, knowledge, laughter, love, luck, patience, peace, poverty, pride, progress, recreation, research, stupidity, time, violence, wealth, life. 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Past Perfect Progressive

This is one of my English notes in class in 2008, I decided to rewriting my notebooks in this blog this is one of my notes, I try to remind and practice just for fun and because need to clean my stuffs.

 By last thank
  • I hadn't celebrate the thanksgiving by the last year I had celebrated one.
  • I had never gone down town Chicago by the beginning of last year.
  • Dorothy didn't want to leave her car on the street because there had been a few break-ins.
  • The principal was angry because someone had written on the classroom wall.
  • Debbie had left her keys in the car, so someone stole it.
  • The criminal had dropped his driver's license, so the police knew his name.
Sudden quickly happen unexpected
  • The security guard stopped the woman because she had taken some jewelry.
Past Perfect Progressive

The form of the past perfect progressive is had been or had not been followed by the present participle.

  • I had been waiting for ever and hour I was angry.
  • We hadn't been talking for very long. All of a sudden he got angry and he got angry and left.
Perfect             --  had been      |  Present
Progressive      --  hadn't been   |  participle

Use the past perfect progressive to talk about and action in the past that continued for a period of time before another event in the past.

  • Officer Diaz had been working for the Miami Police Department for twenty year when she retired.
  • (She worked for twenty years. The she retired)
Use the past progressive to stress that an activity was in progress when something else happened.
  • I was thinking about calling the police when they called me.
  • (At the moment when the police called me, I was thinking about calling them)
 The class finished after some questions and dialogues with my classmates, the teacher gave us some minutes to practice the past perfect progressive.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

What I can say about him, I really don’t know about him, the news say many things about this candidate, In my point of view He wants attention with his name and whole world, the main topic is about racism. He talks many bad things about mexicans, and other races, He wants all attention and the people follow this race game, specially when he doesn’t know about the politics, Is more easier to pinpoint an entire race, He needs to focus how can help this country growing and focus in the real problems of the country and its economic growth.

I just watching some videos in the social media and  I can see that just tries to make the ridiculous and be so egocentric. He doesn't give ideas to fix on the real problem is happening this country. In others words with or without immigrants, the problem is beyond that and we can see that he will not have even the slightest intention to recognize the hard the other people.

He cannot do the basic work as candidate. My point of view is just that's it. From another perspective here not only is criticism toward Mexicans, but to all those human beings who have come to this country to overcome and leave forward, just think of the effort to learn a second language, and follow all rules sometimes these ones are absurd. Perhaps he doesn't follow.Discrimination isn't good for this country,  Don't forget it was stolen from its rightful owners. Donald Trump can be harmful to this country if he is a president.

We need good senators, good proposals, a president with vision and goal, and turn this country into first world country. I hope that in the future exist one person with human qualities and make the difference and not just to make money, wars, deaths and pollution.

Donald Trump if you really wants to be a president you have to understand the civil rights, the human rights and then be a good politician, be a good citizen, good father, good worker, and overall be human. Is tired to see a whole country to reach a president and not do what they should actually do for your country and the country is not only the earth, are all people who inhabit the place.

Acts and words of a person who wants to become leader of a country, are very important as they represent an entire society.

All candidates have the responsibility to be responsible, honest, and respect all races, religions, all genres, ages, and be focus in the reality and make this country more productive,y tu como ciudadano tienes la responsabilidad de escoger al mejor candidato para gobernar el país en el vives, ya que cada decisión tiene su reacción. You have the power to choose, it is your decision that will make the difference for many generation not only for three or six years, which is planted today is harvested in the future.

Finally, I think you should not focus on how to speak ill of people, I think actions speak louder than words, anyone can talk nice and promise many things, the great work is to see that much has been done to win the job.

Friday, February 19, 2016

February What I Learned.

The month of love, really only one day is celebrated, but the whole month is full of love, or at least the first fourteen days the other fourteen days are considered days of mourning for those who are Catholics and for others it's almost spring, only expected to finish the month to enjoy the sun, actually this month is fourteen days more than twenty eight or twenty nine if you read this article in 2016. That is what really is celebrated in the month of February for me, it is my father's birthday, and the birthday of my husband's grandmother.

What happened in this month, well in this eighteen days, I’m participating in a group in facebook, in this group you can participad if you have a blog or web, if you have your blog in blogger or wordpress, the group consist in help ourselves, for example the administrator of the group publish a schedule in the cover Monday for fan page in facebook, Tuesday is for pinterest or comment my blog, the whole week you have activities and the administrator review each tag and each member of the group.

Each tag have a directions to accomplish, some are easy and others require more time, for example to “comment my blog”  the administrator give us just one week for each tag, the administrator is a girl, she is so responsible with the group and each tag, she is so punctual with each directions, I’m feel well in this group and when the group is organized your blog improve one hundred percentage  the schedule of activities is not a compromise to participate in each one, you can choose one but you need to be responsible, if you not accomplish the girl in charge suspend of the group.

The best thing to participate in this kind of groups is to learn about others participants and know more people with the same hobbies and you can see the variety of content you can found bloggers of fashion, cooking, babies, moms, sexuality, crafting, reading,  books reviews, projects in family, salon products reviews, outfits, hauls, traveling, poetry, movies reviews, recipes, how to study, anecdotes, experiences, quotes, photography, opinions, point of view, make up,  well the list keep growing.

I participated in all tags and differents groups to grow my blog, but I love just one, because it is well organized the problem is if you don’t have time to accomplish one of the tags you can be dropout, if you want to improve your blog or website it is necessary to have time and dedication specially when is  comment the bloggers time ago were just five blogs but now are 10 by each tag and twice a week of course  as a long as you want to participate in both of them.

If you are interested in this group you can found them on facebook I don’t know if there are in English but in Spanish there are many of them, but as I said before choose one or several of them but preferably those that are more organized and the participants to comply with the rules of the group.

Here the list of the groups in Spanish

In English

Thursday, February 18, 2016

True Love In My Life

Love, love…
I want to express many things with this word, love, love is everywhere, but be created in a very special place the love is inside you, in your heart, your brain, blood, every muscle, in your eyes, there is thanks to you, and because you want to have there.

When you're a baby, first love is your mother, because is she who takes care of you, protect you and feeds you, when you are born, love grows more because you surround yourself with many people, your parents, siblings, relatives and friends of your parents, and your mother's friend,  it is there who does not stop to watch you and see that you feel comfortable, love grows and grows every day.

When you are toddler you start to see beyond love, you begin to understand many things around you, the feeling of each of these, at this point you have to begin to express your emotions, your love for people and express when there pleasing you.

When you reach adolescence, your love changes as your body, everything becomes a little more fantasy and reality, you begin to see things from another point of view, your likes and dislikes, you become more critical of what is around you, no longer allow anyone to send you, no longer allow anyone to correct you, and now believe that love exists not for you, just for others, you are changing as well as your thoughts, your opinions are different and a little stronger, and that's where you claim to not understand you, but all this does not last a lifetime, unless you want it.

Reach youth, beautiful youth, where your love grows and divides, and maybe you start to forget a little about yourself, why you think no one deserves, or who are looking for perhaps more than what is offered to you, this is where you begin to dream high, to grow in thoughts and ideas, people no longer sees you only as a child or teenager, people around you, you begin to see your more serious, more concrete, expressions full security and responsibility, well that should happen. And this is where the love story, outside where you want and find the "love of your life" begins where every other person, love, respect, sincerity, appreciation, fun, joy, love. a life in the future, maybe in this stage of your life decided to get married.

Reaches maturity, and everything changes, and that's where many times we realize that true love were our family, our parents and that true love is in you, that you are who must love yourself first, that if you decided get a family to express the love that your mother gave you, and that is where you start to remember your childhood, your youth, you live each stage with your children, you live every moment, every joy, every emotion, every success, because it is also an result of your great love for all that you do put your attention, your passion and respect, that's where the magic of love relives when you live far this time.

This is just a simple opinion of love, one of many that exist, one of many that are expressed and written. Love is you and you decide how to live it.
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